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The FutureWell Group, Inc., is a newly formed woman-owned sustainable/responsible chemical trade and technology company. We have a remarkably diverse team with different backgrounds, all sharing the same passion to solve problems and create sustainable businesses.

The team has developed strong networks across several industries and disciplines providing a wide range of capabilities to transform concepts and ideas into reality.

We are forming teams around the World who are part of our Worldwide New Hope Movement, which is a NEW HOPE FOR A SAFER & HEALTHIER PLANET as a whole, under our Together, Better Initiative.

  • FutureWell in Disinfection and Cleaning up our Planet
  • FutureWell in PPE
  • Blockchain Technology
  • FUTUREWELL screening innovations
  • Micro Grids
  • NANO Panelized Housing

Our Initiative

TO MAKE OUR FUTUREWELL through our together, better initiative

What We do

Providing Full Range of High Services Solution

TO MAKE OUR FUTUREWELL through our together, better initiative following the circular economic model. People/Plant then Profits.

NEW HOPE for a healthier, safer and more fair Future for ALL!!

We base ourselves on the values of Respect, Transparency and Empathy across the many borders and cultures we engage. And in doing so, we have the passion and capability to make the future a better place for us, our children and generations to come – “Together, Better”!


COVID has shown us that we are lacking in proper innovation in screen testing and need some serious work on preventive healthcare screenings at a clinical level. We are launching INNOVATIVE & REVOLUTIONARY SCREEN-TESTING DEVICES that will improve and make more accessible how we screen for toxins, viruses, infections, cancers and show if we have predispositions for heart disease, blood clots, strokes and diabetes.

FutureWell in Disinfecting and Decontaminating our Planet.

FutureWell has harnessed nature to help provide a safe alternative to disinfecting and decontaminating our households, businesses, farming and the oil & gas industry – our production facilities are in Colorado, Alabama & Texas.

This is done through our Patent Pending Powder Formula Disinfectant, it is a safe non-toxic EPA approved disinfectant, cleaner, sanitizer, wound cleaner/healer. Our other formulas also works as a biocide, scavenger, descaler, decontaminator that are all FDA/UDSA/USDA Organic and OMRI approved.

With the Powder Formula does not have a stability issue as it lasts for up to 3years and on top of that our clients save on initial cost, and save exponential on shipping and on container wastage, which is makes this product yet another HUGE win for our environment. We are currently working on converting all our containers and packaging to biodegradable materials.

Our Powder Formula is marketed under FUTUREWELL SANI-POWDER/ PRO-55/ H2OPTIMIZER & WELL OPTIMIZER.

This is an all-in-one product which is custom mixed in different pH and PPM levels depending on the industry/user requirements. Kills all molds, mildews, bad bacteria, pathogens and many pests, without causing negative environmental or health impacts.

Our product has significant applications across all industries. we are currently supplying households, medical, janitorial, agricultural, swimming pool & spa industry.

That said, our main focus at this time is the oil and gas industries.

In the Oil and Gas space we have proven through hands-on testing 100% removal of H2S, Sulphur, CO2 and other bacteria and toxins including a significant reduction in Nitrogen. We have the key to making the Oil and Gas Industry clean and better for the health and wellbeing of humanity, animals, and plants.

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How it Works

Sani-Powder SDS destroys pathogens by causing necrosis (rupturing the cell) or apoptosis (programmed cell death) through oxidation and chlorine. Lab studies have shown that our formula inhibits over 50% of bacterial growth and cell division within five minutes and will not reverse even after extensive washing. Know More: Sani-Power-SDS.pdf
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