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What is FutureWell about?

The FutureWell Group, Inc., is a newly formed woman-owned sustainable/responsible chemical trade and technology company. We have a remarkably diverse team with different backgrounds, all sharing the same passion to solve problems and create sustainable businesses.

The team has developed strong networks across several industries and disciplines providing a wide range of capabilities to transform concepts and ideas into reality.

We are forming teams around the World who are part of our Worldwide New Hope Movement, which is a NEW HOPE FOR A SAFER & HEALTHIER PLANET as a whole, under our Together, Better Initiative.

Since 2020

FutureWell in Disinfection and Cleaning up our Planet

FutureWell is a manufacturer of a biocide used for farming, production & manufacturing, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), marketed under our “ENVIROCUR A” and “CANNICUR” brands – our production facilities are in Washington and Texas.

That said, we have now converted all our existing clients to our EPA approved Powder Formula Disinfectant, it is the same safe non-toxic disinfectant, cleaner, sanitizer, wound cleaner/healer, that also works as a biocide, scavenger that is FDA/UDSA/USDA Organic and OMRI approved formula as the liquid.

With the Powder Formula we have gotten rid of the stability issue there is with the liquid formula and on top of that our clients save on initial cost, and saves exponential on shipping and on container wastage, which is makes this product yet another HUGE win for our environment. We are currently working on converting all our containers and packaging to biodegradable materials.

Our Powder Formula is marketed under FUTUREWELL SANI-POWDER/ PRO-55/ H2OPTIMIZER & WELL OPTIMIZER.

This is an all-in-one product which is custom mixed in different pH and PPM levels depending on the industry/user requirements. Kills all molds, mildews, bad bacteria, pathogens and many pests, without causing negative environmental or health impacts. Its Environmentally Harmless.

Our product has significant applications across all industries. we are currently supplying the medical, janitorial, agricultural, swimming pool & spa and oil and gas industries.
In the Oil and Gas space we have proven hands-on testing showing 100% removal of H2S, Sulphur and CO2. We have the key to making the Oil and Gas Industry clean and better for the health and wellbeing of humanity, animals, and plants.


Screening innovations

The Covid-19 pandemic exposed massive shortcomings in test screening capabilities and our healthcare system. Overwhelmed laboratories and facilities created significant testing delays for other diseases. A healthcare catastrophe that will only over burden an already stretched hospital and nursing system.

The current reliance on external laboratories to manage all screen testing is capital and skill resource intensive and lacks scale. The industry is seeking a more cost and time efficient solution that is scalable. Our Wellness Program is the answer!

COVID has changed the way we work, interact, and live our lives. Managing this pandemic has been a learning experience in many ways which is unfortunately still based on a reactive response that lacks innovation. It’s shown us that we need to have better Screening all the way around.

In response, FutureWell is bringing Innovative Screen-Testing Technologies that allow for more accurate results than a combination of other screen-testing options to a clinical level.

Our technologies are adaptable to test for many types of viruses, including rapid 50 second COVID screening for Clinical use.

Our Strategic Lab Partner has been Recognized as a Leader in Cancer Genomics and Receive GHP Award for Excellence in Toxicology Diagnostics & Pharmacogenetics. We also have a Risk Assessment Device that is a tool for early detection of cardiovascular & neurovascular risk and diabetes, Cardio Metabolic Assessment Test (CMAT).

Our Goal for Screening is to provide more effective, faster options and lower the overall cost of screen testing so that its more accessible to all.



In addition to our own manufacturing operations, we supply a wide variety of PPE products, including biodegradable masks, reusable gowns, recyclable linens, disinfectant wipes and body “insta-shower” wipes with our HOCl.


Other initiatives

Developed a proprietary Blockchain Technology for use in the Oil and Gas, Mining, Growing, Food and Product Manufacturing and Distribution sectors. This has seamless application in most industries as it gives owners and regulators alike complete transparency on adherence to rules and standards. Our Technology team is currently in the process of building EZ Wallet using this base technology.

Partners with a company that is making plastics, including PPE and other fabrics made from plastics more sustainable.

Access to several sustainable energy technologies from across the globe, that can transition our power requirements to be “off-grid”. We can also assist with setting up Micro Grids for Communities in need.

NANO Panelized Housing, providing an alternative to regular “stick built” homes. These panels provide a significant R-Value, Fire Resistance, Hurricane Resistance, Mold, Mildew, Water and Bug Proof. This process also significantly lowers the overall cost of construction on Homes and Commercial Buildings.

In Summary

FutureWell Group Inc., is about making the world a better place for everyone. The theme “Together, Better” signifies our culture of the core team utilizing their vast networks to work collaboratively, to implement the shared vision.

We base ourselves on the values of Respect, Transparency and Empathy across the many borders and cultures we engage. And in doing so, we have the passion and capability to make the future a better place for our children and our children’s children – “Together, Better”!

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