Sustainable, Renewable, DOABLE

Sustainable, Renewable, DOABLE


Project Alderaan

  • Bringing skilled jobs back to the United States


As part of our vision to create local manufacturing in the US, we have embarked on Project Alderaan – building and operating a Nitrile Glove Manufacturing Plants in several regions around the USA/Canada and Mexico. This is an ambitious project that is leveraging our expertise and resources locally and from Asia. Project Alderaan will ultimately provide over 1,000 skilled jobs in a long-term sustainable operation. The knowledge transfer and employment benefits reversing the trend of decades of manufacturing jobs leaving our shores.

We plan to build the facility in Connecticut, which will have significant economic benefit for the regional centers and surrounding rural/tribal communities.

To compliment this investment, FutureWell has the global exclusivity for the patented formula to make nitrile gloves biodegradable. In essence, FutureWell will be the only manufacture of biodegradable nitrile gloves, made in North America!

We will also be bringing waste optimization with all of our Manufacturing so we can help get rid of our waste problem by turning it into the raw commodities we need in manufacturing.

All of our projects are Off – Grid and with as close to zero emission as possible.