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Sustainable, Renewable, DOABLE


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rapid test

Why Rapid Test?

Covid Rapid Test Allows for more accurate results than a PCR test

Takes only 50 seconds from a simple cheek swab.

Adaptable to test for any type of virus or variant 

Can be deployed anywhere that has power and WiFi,

Can be administered and by anyone with minimal training.

A real Game-Changer for many industries impacted by Covid-19.

FutureWell is currently seeking EUA with the FDA. 


How to Get?

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Who can benefit?



Event Companies




Cruise lines




Adult Care Facilities


The Virion Test’ is a unique and advanced medical device which has CE Approval and soon FDA
The technology can detect any bacterial and virus infection and calibrated to detect the COVID-19 virus. It is without a doubt the most advanced device available today to detect the COVID-19 virus and It can allow businesses to return to full operation by reducing the risks of infection.
The possibilities are endless at airports / Cruise Ships, clearing passengers to board before or during check-in and while onboard, Hospitals, Sporting or concert events, clearing an audience to enter the game or the shows, Daily testing students at school or University to enable the education system to return to regular operation the list goes on.
And which has also been field-tested and CE approved with significant success. EUA Approval is Pending now. Expect full FDA approval in 30days. Another major advantage is the speed of analysis which a saliva sample takes less than 50 seconds! The device was designed to be an easy operation comfortable and user-friendly , Operating the test doesn’t need any special technical or medical knowledge with it’s simple Saliva swab under the tongue.
The device is fully automated only requires a short and simple training, No need for any other analytical analysis of information for diagnosis.
The unit is in fact a small and portable analysis laboratory and is mobile easy to carry and can operate
anywhere. This is the fastest and most efficient testing device that exists in the mar Qi say.

Technology Behind Test
The device detection technology is based on ion spectroscopy. Spectrometry is a developed late last century for detecting trace amounts of volatile chemicals that can be ionized.
The Virion Test is specially designed to detect as low as 200 Pico grams of each type of polyamines in saliva in a rapid test less of 50 seconds which leads to performing per device average of 1400 tests in 24 hrs.
The device operation does not need any Medical expert or professional to run the test and the test results show up automatically 6 seconds after a special algorithm completes the test and all data is saved automatically and cannot be altered.
• There is no safety issue in using the Virion TestTM. The saliva sample will be heated up to 120 °c where virus proteins melt above 60-Celsius degrees.

The Virion Test device diagnoses active Covid-19 disease by measuring volatile organic compounds levels in the patient saliva. While PCR is searching for virus RNA segments and not for active disease, it is possible to identify the virus carrier when he is not infected or carrying RNA segments days and weeks after recovery or when the disease is in remission.
The Virion Test is searching for active signs of the Covid-19 virus during its replication inside the human cell, according to the study results the Virion Test is shown to be reliable as a screening device for Covid19 and shows higher accuracy in identification of actual Covid-19 sick subjects.
To our judgment, the Virion Test has the capability and proven technology for rapid detection of the Covid-19 disease and to identify actual sick subjects correctly.

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